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Year 5 being adventurous on Lundy..

Year 5 will be writing their own blog entry for their residential, but here's a video of what they got up to on Lundy.

Class 3’s residential on YouTube… [click to watch]

Here you are - this is what Mr Thomas was doing clicking that GoPro every few minutes! Hope you enjoy! 

What’s on w/e 24.05.19

Whatson 437.pdf

Lundy, part 2; The Whole Story!

We are Kind... We are Curious... We are Confident... We are Community... We are Adventurous... We are Ambitious...

Parent consultation for the proposed Braunton Learning Cooperative

A reminder from the Governors and Mr Thomas about the consultation meetings relating to the proposed Braunton Learning Cooperative... Just to remind parents and staff that the first of the public consultation meetings relating to the proposal to form a new Braunton Learning Cooperative Trust are being held today!  The meetings are being hosted by Southmead School, which is located [...]

Lundy, Day 1, part 1…

Woke up, long journey, excited kids, flat water, no dolphins, grumpy passengers ("children"), light house, stone stacking, skimming, beach cleaning, Lundy cabbages (and their beetles), church, games, settling in, choosing beds, table making, food chopping, cheese grating, pizza making... and quiet. I wish.

End of SATS party 🎊🎉

It was lovely to celebrate all the hard work year 6 have put into the SATs week at the traditional end of SATS party. Year 5 have also been doing tests this week so it was important to all celebrate together. #WeAreACommunity Thank you to everyone who shared food they had made or bought 😀

What’s on w/e 17.05.19

Whatson 436.pdf

We’re going on a minibeast hunt…

We've started to learn about minibeasts and their habitats. We talked about what 'habitat' means and how different minibeasts need different places to live! Today, we went on a minibeast hunt! We found; snails, ants, woodlice, bees, ladybirds, spiders and worms!

So, nobody fancies a nice lie in!?

  Unbelievably, most of class 3 were up (showered!!) dressed and packed up before 7.15 -  and some were up WAY before then! Everyone slept well and there are lots of smiles and hungry tummies. Breakfast isn't until 8!