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Science Club-lava lamps, volcanoes and hovercrafts made for a busy session!

In science club we found out how to make colourful volcanoes! Bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring-the volcanoes are starting to erupt! Watch out! Look at all the colours now! What concentration on those faces! :-) We also mixed different materials to create a chemical reaction to make lava lamps. Carefully adding salt to oil! For the last part of the [...]

We made toast!

In Class 1 today each group went into the School House to make 'toast'! We talked about important rules for keeping safe when working in the kitchen and washing our hands before we could get on with the fun bit! We had a choice of healthy brown bread or not so healthy white bread, I wonder which one was the most popular? [...]

Never give up!

In assembly today we heard a story that helped us to understand how important it is to keep going when we are trying to do something that is hard. In class 4 we talked a bit more about perseverance and how we must never give up when we have got a goal to reach, even if we are making slow [...]

Class 2’s E-Safety Fun!

Class 2 have been learning about computer and internet safety over the last couple of weeks. Lee and Kim's Animal Magic Adventure and Hector's World films are proving a real hit and are teaching us how to protect ourselves when using our computers or tablets. Sid's Yes or No game caused great excitement today, we felt like we were on [...]

Class 3 Heads To Space!

Clive didn't come to us from space, but the drive from Cornwall was a bad journey enough.  Clive is from Callington Space Centre and he gave Class 3 an amazing journey into his world - we found out lots! We made rockets... 'Pop rockets' VIDEO Clive inserted the rocket fuel - we didn't catch a photo of this one [...]

Mrs. P’s Singing Group

Finally managed to find the file, cut and edit the file, convert the file, move it and upload it (little chuffed!)... then create a Soundcloud account, upload Mary's Boy Child AND embed it into this page... Star of The Week nomination please! Hope you enjoy! (All credit to Mrs. P and the 30 strong singers of course!)

Book Review

Here is another book review.......   Esther - A Sailing Boat in the Sky Thanks Esther. This book makes you think............take it home to share if you want to, or maybe you can remember some of the story and retell it?

Swimming Gala

Well done to everyone who took part in the gala yesterday.  It was a great morning - you all swum well and supported each other brilliantly! Did you enjoy it and do you think we should try to do it again next year?


We'll be showing EPIC and not Duma as previously advertised. EPIC is U rated and will finish shortly before 5pm - make sure you're signed up for Film Club.

Poetry update…

Take a look at the blue header bar at the top... we now have a page dedicated to your poetry.  [Click the link!] Thanks to Maisy and Georgia for inspiring us!