In assembly today we heard a story that helped us to understand how important it is to keep going when we are trying to do something that is hard.

In class 4 we talked a bit more about perseverance and how we must never give up when we have got a goal to reach, even if we are making slow progress. We decided that learning something new can be difficult and even frustrating sometimes!

Here are some of the things that class 4 want to achieve…..

Sam: I really want to get better at skating so I am going to practice all the time!

Sarah: I want to get better at tennis.

Holly: I’ve just started learning the piano and some of the keys are quite hard to reach. Sometimes I get a bit annoyed but I know that I need to keep going to get better!

Will: I am learning to knit, sometimes I think I am a bit rubbish but I know that I can get better if I keep trying.

Lottie: I want to get better at spelling.

Marley: I want to get really good at magic tricks.

We talked about how learning new things can be tough sometimes…..

Zac: When you feel like giving up you need to keep going because if you keep trying you will get it in the end!

Hughie: If I am finding something hard then my friends encourage me and I know they believe I can do it so I keep going!

James: If I am finding something hard then I take a break and go back to it a bit later.

What are you trying to to get better at? Did you find it hard to keep going? What made you decide to keep trying?