It was a tense day on Wednesday as the results of the Great Class 4 Car race were revealed….

Everyone in class 4 had managed to design and build a working (mostly) car, and I was amazed at the creativity and imagination shown in this year’s range of vehicles. The races were held on Monday afternoon and each car could be entered in as many categories as its owner wished.

There were a few issues with directional control, and one or two vehicles seemed to be going in circles…but overall the cars were surprisingly quick and nearly all managed to make it through the afternoon in one piece đŸ™‚

The Results:

The Long Distance Challenge
(Particularly difficult as the cars had to go straight for the whole length of the MUGGA!)
1st  Fin – 20:06 secs
2nd Tallis – 21:18 secs
3rd Bibi – 22:48 secs
4th Molly E – 23:85 secs
5th Charlie I – 28:75 secs
6th Ella – 1:19:63 secs

The Speed Race
(For those aiming towards F1 stardom)
1st  Elijah – 5:75 secs
2nd Molly G – 6:59 secs
3rd Joseph – 6:75 secs
4th Fin – 6:99 secs

The Off-road Endurance Race
(A tough course over rough terrain and uphill)
1st  Sam – 8:75 secs
2nd Will – 9:85 secs
3rd Lottie – 10:84 secs
4th Molly S – 10:85 secs


The Great Car Race
(A no rules, freestyle, all at once, try to crash into the car next to you race)
1st  Tess
2nd Liza
3rd Isobel
4th it was chaos so we couldn’t tell…

The Best Design
(voted for by the children)
1st  Molly E – London Bus
2nd Daisy L – Buzz Buzz
3rd Mia – Smaug
4th Tallis – Ice cream van


This DT project was all about team work, and there was a prize for the team with the best average in the speed race which was won by Ella, Beau B, Noah, Fin, Molly G and Poppy with a time of 8:75 secs – amazing!

There was also a prize for the team which supported each other and worked together the best over the whole project and this went to Georgia, Sam, Lottie, Isobel, Elijah and Amie.

Well done to everyone in class four as this was a tricky project and eveyone worked hard. Thanks to all of the parents who came in to help with the building, and a special thanks to Mick Cooke who came in for all our sessions and helped out on race day – we wouldn’t have managed without you! đŸ™‚