As part of our unit on Symbols we have, for the last few weeks, been learning about the Jewish faith. We have been looking at the differences between the Jewish and Christian faiths and exploring their celebrations, worship and religious symbols.Today we have been learning about the Jewish Passover and the importance of bread within both religions. We also learnt about the ‘Seder Plate’ and what each food represents.
When the Jewish people were eventually freed from slavery, they left in such a hurry that the bread they had made didn’t have time to rise and when placed on their backs as they fled, it became a toasted flat bread by the sun. So today Mrs Holbourn brought in some ‘Leavened’ (risen) and ‘Un-Leavened’ (flat, not risen) breads in for us to taste. We also had some crisp breads to represent the un-leavened breads that were toasted in the sun.
Whilst we were bread tasting we listened and danced to some Passover music. We then voted on our favourite breads, the un-leavened, flat breads and crisp breads came out the favourite!