In science club we found out how to make colourful volcanoes!

Bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and food colouring-the volcanoes are starting to erupt! Watch out!

Look at all the colours now! What concentration on those faces! 🙂

We also mixed different materials to create a chemical reaction to make lava lamps.

Carefully adding salt to oil!

For the last part of the session we made our own balloon hovercrafts!

Looking good everyone!

VIDEO LINK- Hovercrafts at the ready….

I think some of the hovercrafts had a helping hand though 🙂  We all decided that the hovercrafts would move faster or a shiny surface or better still ice!

Lots of variety today made for another fun session!

Thanks again to my class 4 helpers-I think they enjoy it as much as the younger children do! Sam, Lottie, Georgia, Will and Charlie- thank you, it is fantastic to hear you all encouraging and supporting the children so brilliantly! 🙂