Clive didn’t come to us from space, but the drive from Cornwall was a bad journey enough.  Clive is from Callington Space Centre and he gave Class 3 an amazing journey into his world – we found out lots!

We made rockets…

‘Pop rockets’ VIDEO


Clive inserted the rocket fuel – we didn’t catch a photo of this one as it took off or landed; but the children are showing their reaction!

And then we started on some bigger rockets.  We learnt that we needed to listen carefully, be tidy in how we work (astronauts need to be tidy) and be careful with our scissors and sellotape!  Look how much they’re concentrating!

Concentrating, sticking the nose cone on to the rocket!

Concentrating, sticking the nose cone on to the rocket!

Brilliant rockets!
We went out into the field (probably the only time it rained today too) and pumped the pressure into the launcher.  On the count of three Clive turned the switch and we saw them fly – some of them over Class One’s building!

Video link: Clive launching our rockets!

And finally… another video of a rocket launching!
Video link: FIRE!

Mr Thomas’ rocket may have gone furthest (after Joseph’s rocket which nearly cleared Class One) but that’s because Clive gave the secret to cheating – raise the mass and add some blue tack to the nose cone!  Of course, we could have raised the force (pumped more pressure in) but Clive did 34 rockets in total!