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A message for parents in class 4 😀

Today, the children in class 4 have been planning our contribution to the assembly in church on Friday to celebrate 150 years of our school. We have decided to act out the school in past, present and future....with a few twists 😉 Therefore, the children may come home with requests of making things or bringing in costumes or props on [...]

Disgusting Sandwiches…

Class 2 have been reading a book about disgusting sandwiches and this morning they made great efforts at making thier worst yet. Ingredients included, soil, sand, green jelly slime, feathers, first, dust, leaves etc.. and they made for terrible sarnies. The Badger in the story would have really liked them, but being asleep through the school day, Mr Thomas came [...]

Gliddon and Squire X Country League – First Meet Kingsley School

This weekend Georgeham fielded its first ever team in the annual Gliddon and Squire North Devon Cross Country League. The league is open to children in year 4 and upwards and sees hundreds of children from local primaries, secondaries and the athletics clubs taking part in a series of meets throughout the winter. It is super friendly and welcoming to [...]

What’s on w/e 21.09.18

Click just here ⤵️ Whatson 409.docx


Nine of our children attended the first of six workshops at Kingsacre School of the newly formed Teachers Rock YOUTH Choir. A couple of gospel numbers (after all, our Patron is Rev. Bazil Meade MBE from the London Community Gospel Choir) and then a little bit of Altogether Now by The Farm, playing about with two-part harmony. Six weeks later [...]

Cross Country – The ND Gliddon & Squire League

Would your Class 3 or 4 child be interested in taking part in 6 cross country runs over the next 6 months? Read on for details and get yourself sign up for this school-funded competition. The Gliddon and Squire Cross Country League is a monthly competition over the next six months for children in years 3&4 (under 9s) and 5&6 [...]

Broad range of skills…

The life of a small school Headteacher! I thought I'd share this morning's randomness... From delivering tea around school, unblocking the drain this morning that could have caused our younger children to walk through curtain of water, to an audit on the new GDPR regulations. And that's all before playtime. Quite broad and random sometimes!

We’re going on a plant hunt!

We started our Science topic this afternoon - Plants! We started looking at 'wild plants' and tried to see how many we could name. We created a list of; dandelion, daisy, buttercup, clover, nettle, bramble, dog rose and ivy! We then got into pairs and searched the school grounds to see how many of our wild plants we could find! [...]

Volleyball Club…

Bright and certainly breezy this morning for our KS2 Volleyballers. Warm up on the playground, passing skills between partners and high over the net, and I left them learning the exciting dig with Denise Austin. Thanks for doing this Denise; dead excited children this morning!

All things autumn…

Well, it's almost the end of our first full week back at Stepping Stones after the summer break and it has been, by no means, a dull one. We decided to ease ourselves in gently last week seeing as we only had a two day week!!! (It's a hard life!) We did feel as though it was important to let [...]