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Class 2 are really proud this week because someone in our Class was Star of the Week on Friday ....... it was..... drum roll........ ISLA, woooooooo! Isla says she has made a list of all the people she wants to have lunch with her on the balcony this week.  She has already told Flo, Jessica Adams, Malakai, Gracie and Jasmine [...]


Hello Class 2 Hope you've had a good weekend and learnt those spellings for tomorrow :) Mrs Holbourn

Our brilliant trip to Rosemoor Gardens on Friday 12th October 2012

Classes 1 & 2 went on a coach all the way to Torrington to visit Rosemoor Gardens last Friday. Luckily only one person was sick on the coach on the way there, the roads are very windy! When we got there a man called John showed us to a brilliant new classroom, we sat down and he showed us pictures [...]

Class 2’s Enormous Surprise!

Esther's fabulous pumpkin grown by the Family Fox! What a surprise Class 2 had this morning when we walked in - "the most enormous pumpkin, we have ever seen" (Jessica G) greeted us.  Esther told us that they grew the pumpkin outside in their allotment along with their 'other, smaller' pumpkins.  After Class 2 have finished with it, she is [...]

Hello Everyone, Cool Class 2 here showing you our Class Rules!

Always listen carefully Be kind! Share our toys and equipment Keep our classroom tidy Always try our best! We all think that 'keeping the Classroom tidy' is the HARDEST rule of all because we are a bit messy! :) What do you think of our Rules? We keep them in our cloakroom just to remind us every day!

Our first one!

Welcome to our Blog... really looking forward to how this goes!

School blog!

Just found this...! [link since been removed] Cheeky girls, spreading rumours that I eat cake all day!

Sitting in front of my PC at home…

Yep, sitting in front of my PC at home, Edward's asleep but bound to wake up just as I'm trying to work out what a Blog Dashboard is. (perhaps I should ask Steve our resident web designer & web marketing consultant...) Hitting my head against screen in a mo!