Classes 1 & 2 went on a coach all the way to Torrington to visit Rosemoor Gardens last Friday. Luckily only one person was sick on the coach on the way there, the roads are very windy! When we got there a man called John showed us to a brilliant new classroom, we sat down and he showed us pictures painted by Quentin Blake. We had great fun trying to copy his pictures ourselves, Mrs Turner’s were really good but Mrs Holbourn is so rubbish at drawing she didn’t even have a go:(  She said she would just go round and help other people!!

We had a great day some of the things we did were – visiting a play area of the Green Ship which had the biggest see saw we have ever seen, so many people got on it at once and it was so funny. We also went a treasure hunt collecting, coloured items, shiny things, prickly things and ‘REALLY INTERESTING THINGS’. We also had a go at painting a water colour of The Green Ship, that was great fun!

When some of the groups were on their treasure hunt, it rained SO hard that we managed to shelter under some gigantic rhubarb leaves (well we think they were rhubarb leaves). We called them our ‘natural umbrella’ and they were fantastic at keeping us dry.

Mrs Holbourn will try and put up a picture she took of us all sheltering under the leaves, hope it works!

We all had a ‘cool time’ (Polly H) at Rosemoor and we would all like to go again sometime.

Thank goodnes these leaves were there or we would have got very, very wet!