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Classes 1 and 2 had a busy day in Barnstaple, thinking about how it is different to Georgeham. We went to the train station first, before doing a tour of a large supermarket! Next we strolled around to Rock Park, enjoying the views of the river, before testing out the well-equipped play area. After lunch we looked at the War [...]

Arlington with Class 3…

Monday mornings are normally quiet but we had a few excited children at the back of the bus on the way to Arlington. Can you make out who they are? Stuart then showed us the parkland and have us some history of the house. We then started on our leaf hunt... A field maple and a sycamore are quite similar! [...]

So….is your coat actually waterproof?

In science this term we have been investigating different materials and we are going to develop an information pack for outdoor adventurers based on our findings.  We have been lucky enough to have the support of No Sweat Outdoors in Barnstaple who have provided us with samples of materials, explanation leaflets and even a kit that tests the level of [...]

Dry Stone Walling!

Class 2 have had a great day today! The dry stone walling with the National Trust was very successful, with the completion of the next section of wall.  Making sculptures was tackled with lots of enthusiasm....... Well done everyone!

Film Club with Cats & Dogs…

First Film Club of the year and we have nearly a full house enjoying Cats & Dogs. Thanks to Juli, Emma, Nora and Angela for helping out after school, buying the pop corn and helping out with getting drinks and pop corn to the children. Actually I think Emma looked this film the most - big smile from the parent's [...]

Un crayon rouge…

Doing French this afternoon... being fashion designers and colouring clothes. As an example, I suggested they talk about the coloured pencils that need passing round the table... "Can you pass me un crayon rouge?" Photo Credit: Nico Cavallotto via Compfight Quite nicely... Neo passed me the red pencil 5 minutes later.  How thoughtful! Who can remember their colours?

Great attitudes to work…

I send Well Done postcards quite often (I have a weekly reminder on my diary but I may not be that frequent!) and unlike Star of The Week nominations and Awards, they are quiet surprises that just turn up on the doorstep. Yesterday, I was really quite taken by the attitude to work shown by two children. Not only did [...]

Putsborough Beach Walk…

I love our Putsborough Beach Walk.   It's a really nice community spirited event bringing loads of us together for a fun time on the beach.  Great too that it's moved from the traditional (but busy) side of the summer holiday to the equally nice weather this term - what a great way to start the year! Thanks again to Rob [...]

Walking Proficiency Test…

What we learnt on the way to the village hall: Walk, scooter or cycle on the left but not in the middle or on the right. That you shouldn't walk on the zig and zags because it puts you in the middle of the road. People park their cars badly and it forces people like us to walk round them, [...]

First Day!

Well done Class 2 on a successful first day!