What we learnt on the way to the village hall:

  • Walk, scooter or cycle on the left but not in the middle or on the right.

  • That you shouldn’t walk on the zig and zags because it puts you in the middle of the road.

  • People park their cars badly and it forces people like us to walk round them, possibly into the middle of the road.

  • Walk to the purple door so that you can see down Netherham’s Hill.

  • Stop if you hear traffic and stand where you can see it coming.

  • Don’t cycle down the sloped, school path. Stop at the white gate and look what’s coming.

  • Car drivers are crazy, like the lady indicating left but turning right and the many we saw who were driving too fast.

What we learnt on the way back:

  • Don’t walk on Irene’s driveway – it’s her drive and you could trip over.

  • People don’t drive slow enough!

We were on stop against the wall hearing from Mr Thomas about the two children that had been knocked off their bikes by cars – it’s a dangerous corner.  Whilst we were there, quietly listening, we heard a car coming… we all stayed quiet and we looked at the corner, waiting for him to pop round it.  He was travelling too fast.
His face was a picture, he was obviously shocked with us there, his face was surprised as he realised he was going too fast.  His wife was also surprised and she looked like she would have told him off straight after passing us!  It made us all giggle.

Thanks Class 3 – some great thoughts, observations and thinking.  I hope you remember to keep safe on the roads around Georgeham.

Did we miss anything?
Could you add a comment about something to consider about keeping safe on our roads?


Lauttasaari speeding
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Ensio Aura via Compfight