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In science this term we have been investigating different materials and we are going to develop an information pack for outdoor adventurers based on our findings.  We have been lucky enough to have the support of No Sweat Outdoors in Barnstaple who have provided us with samples of materials, explanation leaflets and even a kit that tests the level of water resistance in each material. At the end of our topic we are going to send our work to Pete at No Sweat Outdoors and he is going to let us know what he thinks.

All of the samples from No Sweat. Thank you Pete!

All of the samples from No Sweat. Thank you Pete!

We looked carefully at the samples.

Then we investigated the samples Pete gave us, as well as some of our own materials, to see how waterproof they were.

So next time you need a new coat class 4 can give you lots of ideas about ways of testing how waterproof the material will be.

Well done everyone! We’ll let you know how the project is going during the term 🙂

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