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NUT Industrial Action…

I wrote to parents today about the strike action that will affect Classes 3 and 4 on Tuesday 5th, next week. In consultation with our Chair of Governors and with regard to the limitations on what we can do in cases of industrial action and regard to the health and safety of our pupils and staff, we have had to make the decision to close [...]

Blast Off!

Class 3 designed and launched their own rockets as part of their Space Topic. They went incredibly high with 2 landing on playgroup's roof, 6 in the wheatfield and one in an oak tree! 

Calling all insects-Nature area for sale!

In class 3 we talked about how different our environment would be if it wasn't managed. We decided that instead of having a school, houses, roads and shops there would just be trees and woodland. Although we thought about how altering the natural environment can be a bad thing, we also thought of ways that change can be good. One [...]

So…which plant is it?

On Friday we started to think about how we could use classification systems to identify plants that are actually very similar-this means we couldn’t just identify them by colour or size. To help us do this we created our own botanical drawings to let us think about the features of each plant such as the shape of the petals and the [...]

Year 5 stay on Lundy :-)

UPDATE: Our video on YouTube! Hope you enjoy! What an unforgettable, enjoyable and purely LOVELY residential we've just returned from! Once I've compiled all the Go-Pro footage together and got some strength back (blimey, I'm tired today!) I'll think about writing something that makes sense here!! In the meantime, here are a few photos to whet your appetite! [...]

Rotary Art Club Winners.

Everyone did so well with their fantastic pictures celebrating Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday for the Braunton Rotary Club. Here are the winners!

Volleyball Festival

Class 3 had a fantastic day on Croyde Beach at a Volleyball Festival. Luckily, the rain held off and we had a great time getting to know some of the other schools as well as being supported by the Braunton Academy students. 2 of our girls won their league and one of our pupils also won the "Spirit of the [...]

EU Referendum STRAW POLL of youngsters!

We've had a couple of very carefully worded and impartial conversations about what the EU is and what the Referendum is about. With the school's diary being as it was, we decided to hold the voting today - lining up in the hall after some last minute politicians told us what to do, we crossed in the right box (2 [...]

Oceanfest 2016

Class 4 had an amazing day at Oceanfest today. We had a go at the Code Breaker team challenges, competed in the beach flags competition and then spent time looking around the event arena trying out things like Street Art and browsing the stalls. At the end of the afternoon we were able to see Beau and Jess compete in beach [...]

Our School Council does another video!

Our School Council came together again on Tuesday to work on a second of the school's Values, that of Forgiveness. We didn't talk about 'Peace' but we'll put the whole thing together and see if we can make sense of it in a few of our assemblies. The children used Sam's Lego model, this time of the school field, and [...]