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Was there any room in the inn?

We all gathered in St George's Church and heard of the difficulty that Mary and Joseph were having - they were travelling home, needed somewhere to stay for the night and Mary, well, she was pregnant! Tracey Elliott came up with a plan of action, we all downed our cups of tea, sung a rousing song (actually Little Donkey is [...]

Tag Rugby

Here's a photo from our tournament! Well done!

Tag Rugby

Well done to everyone who took part in the Tag Rugby Tournament today.We didn't quite make it into the final but we came a very good third place, with two draws, one win and one defeat. A great performance by all! (picture to follow...)

Class 2’s Magic Box

In class 2 this morning we have been learning Kit Wright's poem called The Magic Box using our actions. Then we walked around the school to see what we could hear, see and smell so that we could make our own class poem in the same style. My Georgeham School box I would put in my box; Children chatting to each [...]

Is this symmetrical?

Class 3 made some really nice designs using one vertical line of symmetry and then again using two lines; a vertical and a horizontal. Some of us moved on to diagonal lines of symmetry... and even two lines of symmetry! But... is this picture below accurate?   "Answers on a postcard, or reply with a comment below." Is this symmetrical? [...]

Our Open Afternoon…

We opened our doors this afternoon so that family members could see what life was like in the classroom. We always say that this is quite artificial (I had a good conversation about self-portraits and that they would have had some pre-teaching about the positions of your eyes and the colour of lips) but it's still just a great opportunity to [...]

The Great Class 4 Bake Off

After tasting a range of chocolate biscuits last week, class 4 designed their own biscuit with a chocolate theme and today we baked them. Their ideas were all really creative and involved a lot of chocolate.... At the end of the day we had a bake off challenge and Mr Thomas had the enviable job of tasting all [...]

Mastery in Maths evening…

Thanks Miss Hill and Mrs Rinvolucri... and thanks to everyone who came to our 'Mastery in Maths' evening... Everyone can be good at maths. Encouraging a Growth Mindset in maths... Praise effort not achievement. Promote challenge and see mistakes as  valuable. Easy = a waste of time! Remove fixed ability messages in class Anyone who has never made [...]

Class 4 and the Choristers…

That was a really nice day.  Traveling to Exeter and grouping up with the whole of the Braunton Learning Community and the Choristers from the Cathedral, singing almost a dozen songs. ...but it was also the community feel of traveling to Exeter, having lunch together, meeting up with friends and sharing a great time in beautiful surroundings.  The children did [...]

Children In Need 2015

The theme for Children in Need this year is 'Champions for Change.' class 4 we decided in make Champion medals to explain what we want to make sure every child has-all of the time! Some of our wishes were that every child had love, safety, food, support and someone to trust. One that I thought was lovely [...]