After tasting a range of chocolate biscuits last week, class 4 designed their own biscuit with a chocolate theme and today we baked them.

Their ideas were all really creative and involved a lot of chocolate….

At the end of the day we had a bake off challenge and Mr Thomas had the enviable job of tasting all 8 finalists to decide on a winner. The results were:

1st Flo

2nd Fin

3rd Lola Gibbs

But actually all the children were fantastic: they helped each other and worked hard on some very creative designs. Thanks to great team work, some VERY helpful parents who gave up a whole day (Gemma, Claire, Isabelle, Emma, Anda, Sam, Adele and Rachel) and Keri who was super human in the kitchen, for the first time ever we finished on time and everyone went home with a delicious looking batch of biscuits to share (or not) with their families and friends.

Well done class 4!