In class 2 this morning we have been learning Kit Wright’s poem called The Magic Box using our actions. Then we walked around the school to see what we could hear, see and smell so that we could make our own class poem in the same style.

My Georgeham School box

I would put in my box;

Children chatting to each other in the class,
The warm radiators making us toastie
and fish pie cooking in the kitchen.

I would put in my box;

The smooth leaves by the steps,
Mr Thomas talking on the phone
and the wind blowing and the sea roaring in the distance.

My box is made from diamonds, fossils and crystals,
with a painting of my friends on the lid and whispers in the corners.

I shall fly to the moon in my box and see the stars.

Here is the original poem.

Magic Box

I thought class 2 did a great job. What do you think?

Next Tuesday we will be making up our own magic box poems using our favourite smells, tastes, sights and sounds. I’m sure they’ll be great 🙂