Monthly Archives: March 2015


Class 1 Celebrate Joey’s 2nd Birthday with an Easter Egg Hunt

Great excitement this morning in Class 1, not only was it Joey the Kangaroo's 2nd Birthday but he had hidden lots of eggs in Class 1's garden. He made sure there were enough eggs for every person and a BIG hunt started. When each person found an egg with a hidden chick inside, they then had to look around the [...]

Solar School Competition

The competition is hotting up! Only 7 schools have entered and it's us and another small(er) school that are competing for 1st and 2nd place. It's all calculated on pupil numbers so although you may think we've got it in the bag with over 1000 likes, the small school of 50 children is over 12x their number and therefore a [...]

Solar Eclipse

Here are some examples of our solar eclipse drawings - many of them include rockets and aliens so I'm not sure what those glasses were made of!!

Famous People

We have nearly come to the end of our work on 'Famous People'. The children have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and interest and I know that lots of them have shared what we've been doing at home. I've just spent a couple of hours reading our latest independent pieces of work and have thoroughly enjoyed it! Well done [...]

By Royal Invitation!

Class 1 had some special visitors from Buckingham Palace today, King Arthur, Queen Eva, Maid Ellis and Maid Dilys! A right royal tea party ensued including the surprise entrance of the King and Queen where everybody curtseyed and bowed. Party rings, crisps and cheese snacks were consumed, royal fruit juice drunk and special cupcakes eaten. The King and Queen had [...]

Solar Eclipse

We weren't in the Faroe Isles where it was a total eclipse but at least we had good weather and were able to see the partial eclipse - it was cloudy in London and they couldn't. Some great learning has taken place this morning.  Children loved it!

BLC’s Music Festival!

Thanks again to Mrs Patterson who helped the class to learn three difficult pieces of music but also to play Boomwhackers and recorders (first time picking a recorder up for them!) and playing 'In The Jungle'(cue the 'weeooooooo' sound; you'll know what I mean when you play it) and also the difficult March of The Lions, to very good effect [...]

Class 4 STOMP…

Miss Patterson worked with class 4 in their topic of recycling with a STOMP style of music. Children brought in their musical instruments (we cleaned out the milk bottles) and then we banged them a lot. I should know; my office is right next door! However after a few weeks of experimenting and seeing what they could do with the [...]

Solar School competition plea

Georgeham Primary School is one of twenty two ‘Solar Schools’ in the UK. This is the name given to us by the organisations supporting our crowdfunding fundraising for the solar panels we’re hoping to install by summer. We’ve done well in our fundraising so far, but don’t worry, this isn’t a request for your money. We’ve entered a photo competition [...]

Metaphor Poem (about a giraffe)

A giraffe is a maze with patterns on his body so everyone gets confused. A giraffe is a ginger pony galloping across the fields. A giraffe is a spotty jumper wrapped around me keeping me snug. A giraffe is a spotty pillow waiting to be sat on. A giraffe is a onesie lying on your bed waiting for you to [...]