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The Mix…

(photos at the very bottom) An early bus and a hot day and off we went to Devon's Westpoint Arena for The Mix, where Devon Music Service put together an amazing event for children with all things musical. It really is amazing. Mrs P had previously done some of Hall of The Mountain King with the class but Wren Music [...]

Class 3 experiments…

This morning we had Class 3 and Class 1 both together for the morning in the school hall. Class 3 thought this would be a great opportunity to carry out some experiments on the little ones!! The group inside the hall drew around a small person from Class 1 and a taller person from class 3 on to wallpaper. Once [...] does your heart work?

Over the last few weeks class 4 have been learning all about the heart in science. We used a stethoscope to listen to our heartbeat and made our own using everyday items like tubing (we decided that a doctor needs a real stethoscope and not a piece of tubing :-) ) After we learned the key information, the class had [...]

Our trip to Lundy…

It takes a very speedy brain to keep up with the conversations of 17 excited children. Sadly, this morning I didn't have a speedy brain and I was on a back foot for most of the day!  It's only now, whilst they're writing their diaries and sipping hot chocolate that they've started to calm down, take their time and actually [...]

FROGS’ new equipment!

Thanks for all your hard work over the year. FROGS has just taken stock of a whole shed full of new play equipment for the children to use. Here's year 6 excitedly boxing their gifts! Thanks again to our parents, relatives and friends for raising lots of funds!

Lundy day one…

Just some photos for now, if they upload. Children all happy and well. Loving it over here and excited at the prospect of a midnight walk up the lighthouse! (And that's just me!)

Classes 1 & 2 Enjoy their Sports Challenges!

What a wonderful sunny day for our Sports Challenges. All the Reception and Year 1 children enthusiastically took part in the 5 different Challenge Stations today in their respective mini-beast teams of Ladybirds, Spiders, Dragonflies, Woodlice and Butterflies. The activities included:- The 'Welly Throw' Treasure Box Goal Scoring Teddy and Spoon Race & the Obstacle Course - (giving us brilliant [...]

The Rotary Club Art Competition…

Some of the absolutely stunning art work the children did for Braunton Fair. The winners were presented with their certificates at school on Friday (well done) but sadly, weren't winners as we'd missed the strict A4 size specification! ...and you should have seen how good Class 1's caterpillar was. Fair enough 14foot of caterpillar is slightly bigger than A4, but [...]

Maypole practice…

Completely forgot to post this photo from this week. Mrs Sexon comes back to school regulalry after retiring 6 years ago, mostly listening to readers and helping out in class 3, but after arranging for the maypole and broom dance music to be played and recorded at school, she teaches the children the moves every year! The pole's base had [...]

Class 1’s Special Minibeast and Compost Workshop

Class 1 has had a great time this morning, learning all about minibeasts and how to make good quality compost. Not only did we get to turn the hall into a giant compost bin, bringing lots of different minibeasts to life (including a huge centipede), we also got to plant their own grass and look very closely at lots of [...]