Monthly Archives: January 2017


An Amazing, Aussie, Australian, Antipodean Adventure!!

​Classes 1 & 2 all took part in an Australian Day. We had a round-robin of activities such as Australian music, Aboriginal art, Australian slang literacy and building of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!Each child had their own favourite session, some loving being a kangaroo (including Mrs Turner), others preferring being an Architect!We remembered so many things that our visitors taught us [...]

🇨🇳 Happy New Year 🇨🇳

Today Class 3 and 4 celebrated Chinese New Year-the year of the Rooster. We had a fantastic day cooking, painting, drawing and making music....and a chopstick challenge race. A massive thank you to Cass for coming in all day to cook Chinese biscuits called kueh bangkit that are eaten at New Year. At lunch time we were treated to a Chinese menu-thank you to Keri and [...]

More visitors to Classes 1 & 2 !

G'day! The 'ankle biters' in Classes 1 & 2 have been so lucky to have so many brilliant visitors coming in to talk to us about Australia. Isla from Class 4, tried to out-do her dad by continuing the Luhr tour of 'Down Under'! She did an absolutely amazing job with her prepared Powerpoint and table of Australian toys, information [...]

Outdoor maths in Class 4 🌞❄️

Class 4 have been learning about the parts of a circle outside in the (somewhat chilly) sunshine 🌞. We then came in to the warm classroom and applied our knowledge to measuring. We now know how to find and measure the radius, diameter and circumference 😀

Darrin Luhr the ‘real life Australian’!

Classes 1 & 2 were so lucky today, Isla's Dad Darrin came in to talk to us all about life in Australia to help us with our topic.The children had prepared lots of questions to ask Darrin but also listened beautifully to him telling us all about the animals and from Captain Cook's voyage to having no central heating in [...]

If Jupiter is a watermelon then maybe the moon IS made of cheese after all ;-)

In class 4 we talked about which piece of fruit could represent each planet in our Solar System. After lots of discussions, we modelled the Solar System using fruit and....a toilet roll. Even though each piece of toilet paper represented 40 million km, our Solar System still stretched from one end of class 4, right out the door and along [...]