In class 4 we talked about which piece of fruit could represent each planet in our Solar System. After lots of discussions, we modelled the Solar System using fruit and….a toilet roll.

Even though each piece of toilet paper represented 40 million km, our Solar System still stretched from one end of class 4, right out the door and along the corridor!

Everyone seemed to find it really useful to use objects to understand the size of the planets and the relative distance between each of them.

Polly: “I’ve seen pictures so I knew that Jupiter was a lot bigger than Earth but it wasn’t until I compared a cherry tomato and a watermelon that I realised how much bigger it is”

Millie: “I didn’t realise that the planets spread out massively after Jupiter”

Polly: “I was suprised that Mercury is so much closer to the sun than Venus”

Great fun and everyone was able to taste a piece of ‘Jupiter’ at the end of the day 🙂