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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have a lovely day! (Don't forget to keep hold of those cracker jokes; type them in and press send!)

Christmas Crackers

In assembly we challenged you to find a joke that was better than the ones we had at school. Share your cracker jokes on the blog so we can see who had the funniest Christmas Cracker joke.....who can get the most laughs? :-) As promised, here are the answers to the jokes I posted in the Christmas lunch blog post... [...]

A priceless performance at the Panto!

Today, the whole school went to the Queens Theatre to watch Cinderella.  Oh Yes we did.  Some of us even got to go on stage... and one of us even started a fruitful new relationship with the prettiest of the two sisters, Flatula - I DID! :-)  The children thought it was hilarious but I was quite taken actually - [...]

End of Term!

What an exciting day! .A trip to the pantomime followed by a picnic! Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Coffee Afternoon

The whole school has been transformed into a Winter Wonderland for our annual Christmas Coffee Afternoon. The children have been busy making their own games and crafts to raise money for our charities this year; North Devon Hospice and Dogs Trust. Well done everyone and a massive thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a special [...]


Today we had our Christmas lunch at school. It was delicious, thanks to Keri and Jo for such lovely food. Amazing..all of the children (and adults) are feeling full now! During the afternoon we had a very special visitor! :-) Now for a festive challenge...Can you work out the answers to the amazing (hmmm.... well some not  [...]

Blast off…!

This link below may possible work online for us later on, but it's also on BBC's Stagazing Live at 10.30.

Class 3… Get ready …

Get steady..... Class 3 have been getting ready for the Coffee Afternoon and the classroom has been really messy for most of the day.Ooooh. My group decorated bottles this afternoon and coloured in some banners. We were making snow balls and painting our games. Um, mine's the same as Emily... but, noo, I wasn't supposed to say that... my group [...]

Some time at church…

We've been to the church a few times this week. Our own Nativity, but then also Open The Book team retold the story again for us to enjoy and listen to and nicely, with a few roles played by our children. Then again tonight for the Christingle. I may find a photo or two of the school children singing up [...]


Such a lovely evening tonight. Children dressed up as Angels, shepherds, inn keepers, wise men and of course Mary and Joseph too. It was quite a trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and Mary only coped with the journey because she was riding a donkey for most of the way... but have you ever thought how tiring it was for Joseph, [...]