We’ve been to the church a few times this week. Our own Nativity, but then also Open The Book team retold the story again for us to enjoy and listen to and nicely, with a few roles played by our children.
Then again tonight for the Christingle. I may find a photo or two of the school children singing up on the chancel steps and add them to the blog… and what a great number who either came to the church or were happy this year to come on up and do the actions to Midnight! (Well done, very proud of you!).
It’s a very special time of year, it’s a very special church service and I heard that Anaya even gave up meeting up with her boyfriend to come to the church for this service… even better if he came and celebrated with you I guess Anaya? Coincidentally, it was Anaya’s year group, and gathering of girls, who came up with this actions for the song!

H&S warning – we had plenty of notice about candles and their flames, but it was actually the cocktail stick being jammed in my head as I carried my youngest on my shoulders back to the car that hurt the most!

Thanks Mike and the team; lovely service again this year.