Such a lovely evening tonight. Children dressed up as Angels, shepherds, inn keepers, wise men and of course Mary and Joseph too.
It was quite a trek from Nazareth to Bethlehem, and Mary only coped with the journey because she was riding a donkey for most of the way… but have you ever thought how tiring it was for Joseph, who had to walk the whole way?
What would make it worse is that the Inn Keeper would leave the heating on, blowing under where he sat for a little longer than he should have.
It would have made the destination far too comfortable – especially with a nice comfy chair to lounge back on.
Baby Jesus was born, but lay still and peacefully quiet in the manger in front of him, no cries or screams to wake his father up.
Ella Turner sang beautifully the first verse of ‘Once in Royal David’s City,’ but still, he slumbered.
Visitors even came and praised the birth, offering the family brilliant and expensive gifts but still Joseph would be none the wiser.
Only through the children’s favourite, “This Christmas Time!” did the children finally wake him from his sleepy dreams… that he could celebrate the birth of Jesus! Yippee!

Please… don’t sleep through one of the most significant bits of Christmas… Come along to our Christingle on Sunday (@ 5.30pm) and celebrate some more with the children and St George’s Church… We promise not to make it too hot, and you may even get sweets!
Thanks to those who came to our Nativities today – the children (and we) appreciate it! 😀 🎆