Get steady…..

Class 3 have been getting ready for the Coffee Afternoon and the classroom has been really messy for most of the day.Ooooh. My group decorated bottles this afternoon and coloured in some banners.
We were making snow balls and painting our games.
Um, mine’s the same as Emily… but, noo, I wasn’t supposed to say that… my group decorated our bottles. Our group accidentally put too much sand in the bottles for the skittles game so we went outside and threw tennis balls at them to see if they would fall over or not.
We decorated our poster for the Coffee Afternoon and we made snow balls to throw at the reindeer.
We painted the background of our game of the North Pole. There was a picture of a snow man with no eyes, no nose, no buttons and no scarf because we found some tinsel and started thinking about what to do with it and forgot about the snowman!
We painted our box like Rudolf but it doesn’t look much like Rudolf, also we spent a lot of time doing our banner or our poster..

On Thursday afternoon we will be ready for the GO!