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An ‘moo’-arvelous morning at the dairy farm!

We learnt lots at North Hole farm this morning! We can now talk about how milk is made and how intelligent cows (and technology) are - they no longer need us humans to get involved with the milking process! We got to see this 'robot' in action. We were amazed at how the cows patiently queued up to be milked and [...]

Milking Robot!

[categories "whole school, class 2"]We have just got back to school after a brilliant hour at North Hole Farm.  Thank you so much Simon and Linda for giving up your time.  The animals were lovely and the milking machine was unbelievably clever!!Hopefully the children will be able to tell you all about it.A big thank you also to our adult helpers. [...]

Official: Christmas has arrived.

Done. Elaine / Miss Trute has put the tree up and the post box is ready for its daily collection. Here starteth three lovely weeks of school!

Class 3 science experiment…

Please let Sam know that we finally did 'that' experiment at home today! I only had basic instructions and I had confused reasoning why it will do what it does! "A bottle of fizzy liquid placed in the freezer for about 2 hours. (We left this smaller bottle for an hour and a half.) When you open it it freezes [...]

Crib on The Green…

It was a lovely Sunday morning, starting off in church and walking through the village to the small green to assemble the characters that we'd collected as we went. The school's song 'Midnight' was quite funny when we put the replies, shouts, farm animal sounds and actions to the words! (I wonder if anyone will put them in, in this [...]

Class 4-The Spying Mission! 👀🔎

A couple of weeks ago we made periscopes that reflected light when we were investigating light. Today we moved on to thinking more about our eyes, so we transformed our first periscope into one that allowed us to see over and around objects. After creating the final version of our prototype periscopes it seemed only right to go outside and [...]

Wow, more R E home learning!

Another lovely surprise this morning, after the wonderful Torah last week, the inside of a 'Synagogue'! We looked at this wonderful model which took over 3 days to make and even included a Menorah; (parents, we have been learning the names of all the Jewish artefacts so ask your child what a Menorah is!) I think I can see the Rabbi [...]

Class 2 learn all about ‘What is a balanced diet?’

Class 2 used their new-found skills of creating a 'Spidergram' to record their research on 'what makes a balanced diet?'In their groups they used reference books to write key words about each of their categories including, fruit and vegetables; starchy foods (rice, pasta, bread and cereals);fat, oils and sweets; dairy foods etc. We used the content and index pages to [...]

What a wonderful Torah!

Oh, what a surprise for Mrs Holbourn this morning in Class 2. Her RE lessons and introduction of Judaism have obviously inspired some amazing home learning to take place. Look at this superb Torah which took nearly all week to make! Class 2's biggest marble, the humpergumper, was justifiably rewarded! It is always so nice to see children taking their [...]

Tag Rugby

What a great morning! A big 'well done' to the children, who played brilliantly! We  lost a match, drew one and won two,  finishing third overall.The standard of play was excellent, as was the parental support - well done everyone!​