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Chloé’s Run for Syria…

Chloé heard about the Syrian family coming to our school and wondered about doing something to help the family out. She heard they travel 3200 miles to get here, so she thought about running or cycling 32 miles - quite an achievement!  So... adding to the 24 miles she cycled on the School's bike ride day, Chloé also went out [...]


Class 3 had their first proper handwriting session today. Properly, fully cursive with lead-ins and joins too.  The class liked it so much they asked for sheets to take home!  I just love it when children ask for homework! There's a big variation of pencil grip in our school, and this is something that we'll need to focus in on.  [...]

Class 1 learn all about staying safe on the computer with Super Protector, Sid!

We had such fun yesterday afternoon learning all about staying safe on the Internet and 'stranger danger'. With a bit of help from Sid, Lee and Kim we all became 'Super Protectors' and made our own badges. We also danced along to SID's song! ​

Transition Choir…

I'm looking forward to the final concert that our local community of schools' is putting on in December.  Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' sounded lovely and we only practiced it over 25 minutes! All the Braunton schools are collaborating in this Transition Choir, made up of years 5, 6, 7 and 8 children. With only another four practice sessions, with the amazing [...]

Lee Bay BioBlitz

Class 3 and class 4 had an awesome day at Lee Bay taking part in a BioBlitz to try and record the range of species found in the area. We had the chance to do some rock pooling and pond dipping. We also learnt how to identify different trees and how to use a microscope. It was a fantastic day with one child saying “just when I thought I’d done the best activity, the next one is even better”. The staff and volunteers were so helpful and informative. A big Thankyou to Emma and Nora for coming along to help on our trip. Everyone seemed to have such a great day, same again next year please 😀 […]

Open the Book…

Our first Open The Book assembly this year and the first ever for the new Reception children who were mesmerized! It was a joy to be sitting in the front looking at our children taking it all in and enjoying the story being played in front of them! Last week the team showed us a lady who gave only two [...]

Class one’s first music lesson

Class one were very excited for their first music lesson today. We learnt all about rhythm and made up our own rhythmic patterns to copy. We listened to different types of music and some of us were able to talk about why we liked or disliked it. 'I really like the tune, it makes me happy!' - Maya'This song reminds [...]

Arlington Court

[categories Whole School, Class 2]Great costumes today for our 'Victorian' day at Arlington! The children learnt what life would have been like for a young housemaid, kitchen maid and footman...... Some pictures to give you a flavour of the day.

The Iron Man-English and Science Combined 😀

In Science we have been learning about electricity through the Iron Man story. The class had to write their own descriptions of the Iron Man based on the original text. The challenge then was to create the Iron Man's eye, the first part of the Iron Man that was found, by building a circuit to light a bulb. We also [...]

Growing our own beanstalks!

Today we have started a science experiment called 'bean in a bag'. We each put a bean into a sealed bag with a piece of damp kitchen roll, we then hung our bags up around the class. Over the next few days, our beans should begin to grow! We have been wondering if there will be a magic bean...maybe we [...]