Monthly Archives: September 2017


A giant in class one!

In class one we have been reading the story Jack and the Beanstalk. We found what looks like a giant's footprint in our classroom! We decided to measure it to see how big the foot was. We measured it to be 27 blocks long - and Emmie used a measuring tape and found it was 54cm! That's a very big [...]

Great work today!

More exciting maths today - I hope your child can explain what we were doing!

Lunch time for the little ones!

After a tiring morning, playing lions in the sand pit (that's Isla) and princesses in the Wendy House, the children would have been hungry! Lunch today was ever so slightly early so that we could show our new Reception children how the lunch hall works and help them choose. ALL of them said please and thank you too, albeit very, [...]

Wow! It’s a dragon inside the egg! 😯

What an exciting Friday morning we had in Class 2 today . A dragon hatched from the egg that Miss Summerville found out on a walk last night. The children waited patiently for the egg to hatch but it didn't actually happen until after play, even though Mrs Cooper went into the cupboard and saw a crack just before play. All [...]

Grow your brain……

Do you want to grow your brain?  Here's how: You will need: -a piece of paper with a scalene triangle drawn in the middle of it -a pair of scissors -time What to do: Cut out your triangle with only one cut. Enjoy!

First week…..

A big 'well done' to all of Class 4 for a brilliant start to the new school year! What did the children think about their first week back? 'I liked doing ICT and I liked doing our coat peg labels.' 'It's been exciting and I've made some new friends.' It's been amazing! Scary at first but fun. I've got lots [...]

What a wonderful 1st day in Class 1 – Welcome everyone!

A VERY BIG welcome to all the new children in Class 1 today. They were absolutely fantastic and really enjoyed their first morning. Miss Smale and Mrs Holbourn just know they are going to be a wonderful class and have already showed us their brilliant counting. Stickers and even a marble in the jar, were given out! We can't wait [...]

St. George’s Family Service…

St. George's Church holds a Family Service on the first Sunday in the month. Today's even had a puppet show that explored the difficulties and barriers about coming to church. Well, it was lovely. Meeting people, chatting and drinking good coffee was great too :-) Good to see some children and friends of the school too. Thanks for praying for [...]