Our first Open The Book assembly this year and the first ever for the new Reception children who were mesmerized! It was a joy to be sitting in the front looking at our children taking it all in and enjoying the story being played in front of them!

Last week the team showed us a lady who gave only two coins to the church fund whereas there were some rich people who gave lots of coins – the bucket was rattling! …but the lady gave the ONLY two coins she had, everything she had, and so had actually given much more than the others.

This week, the Open The Book team played out a story of workers pulling grapes off vines and they all got the same pay for doing different amounts of work.  This is a difficult one to understand, but we explained it as though we should be happy for others, regardless of what they do.

I’ve purposely cropped a photo of a vineyard worker picking more than the grapes… you wouldn’t want to drink that wine would you?