Monthly Archives: April 2014


The Nature Area

As part of our science we have been looking at ways we could develop our nature area. Our ideas included bird boxes, a water feature, an insect hotel and a willow tepee. We then got our “designer heads on” (as one child called it) and started to draw up plans. Here are a couple of the plans. The [...]

Stonehenge… Barnhenge… Georgehenge?

Turn up this morning and what should I find? More plastic. Here's the first few layers of our milk bottle igloo.  Mrs P, her new glue-gun and the after-school club Georgeham Jumpers have been busy! How much plastic can we recycle and put out in our playground?

A letter from Sean Motsa!

I received a letter from Sean today!  Want to read it? Sean's update letter Below, is also my email from Jon Skinner who set up Challenge Ministries Swaziland. It's lovely to hear how our money is being spent and the good stuff the charity does. Dear Julian,During my recent trip to Swaziland, checking on the progress of our orphan care programme [...]

Today’s playtime…

Even though it was wet this morning, even slightly drizzling, we were outside at playtime as we usually are with this weather.  The new matting at the end of the playground enabled the children to use more space and spread about which was great, and we even noticed a distinct difference in the amount of injuries coming to the staff room! [...]

St George’s Day…

It's St George's Day... and since I was asked this morning by a bright lad if the flag was up on the roof, I chose him to be the one to come up on to the roof  and help me fix it up, as I do with one of the children every year. Apparently only one in five people know [...]

The last volleyball update?

Day 3. I came up to do some computer work to help install a faster broadband router from RM - nearly there.  I also painted the lines on the volleyball court, but I may do it again with masking tape to make sure they look more solid.  (Note: I need to buy grass seed.) Day 4. The final bit of [...]

The Volleyball Court update…

It's been a long time waiting, but the weather looks good and it's even a school holiday, so no having to block part of the playground off from the children whilst the builders get on with it - it's started! Day 1. Rob from Putsborough Sands took delivery of the mountain of rubber shreds and John Withers brought it on [...]

Mr Thomas’ Minibus Test…!

Of course I wasn't going to blog about this before I went for it!  (Yes, therefore you should be able to work out the outcome!) A long drive down to Exeter this morning for my school minibus test. The first bit was a drive around the Westpoint Arena - the Devon County show and The Mix music festival are held [...]

FROGS-Egg Decorating Competition

There have been some eggcellent (sorry- couldn't resist) eggs brought into school for the annual FROGS Easter egg decorating competition. Entries included; a guitar, Mr Thomas in climbing gear, Mrs Turner rowing and a bunny. Some CRACKING efforts! Well done everyone! And the winner is.... I wonder if Will and Polly have started a new tradition [...]

Class 4’s got talent!

Yesterday afternoon the stage was set in class 4 for the first ever Class 4 talent competition to take place! There were 4 judges (all armed with the dreaded X signs) and an amazing range of performance for everyone to enjoy. Acts included: comedy football, singing (even opera!), guitars, dancing The 'reviews' were very positive- "five star", "funny", "hilarious", "amazing [...]