It’s been a long time waiting, but the weather looks good and it’s even a school holiday, so no having to block part of the playground off from the children whilst the builders get on with it – it’s started!

Day 1. Rob from Putsborough Sands took delivery of the mountain of rubber shreds and John Withers brought it on site with the use of their tractor.  It very nearly didn’t happen at all as the rain over the past few weeks made the track up and across the field really muddy and we even had to get behind the trailer and push.  TK Play look like they’re rugby players though, so we had some good weight behind the ruck!

Day 2. TK Play have turned up this morning and have started work already – unloading and getting the edges ready around the area.  They’ve chipped off the sharp concrete edges and they’ve cut back and prepared the edge of the motivator’s matting ready for a clean join.  I also over-heard a H&S warning – “Don’t get this stuff on you, it’ll get everywhere!”

The Gazebo is looking good too.  I installed the clips for the blinds yesterday so that they could be strapped down and so the lads have already installed themselves in to their ‘office’ for the day; sandwiches and flasks in the shade for later.

Day 3. I came up to do some computer work to help install a faster broadband router from RM – nearly there.  I also painted the lines on the volleyball court, but I may do it again with masking tape to make sure they look more solid.  (Note: I need to buy grass seed.)

Day 4. The final bit of the flooring has been laid – and TK Play surprised me by placing circles of the original colour in amongst the area.  It looks lovely.  They also put down the numbers on the number line on the front playground; I’m sure this will get used lots.

Not sure if more photos will actually be uploaded soon, as we’re pretty much finished!  Maybe we need some kids to play on it?!