Even though it was wet this morning, even slightly drizzling, we were outside at playtime as we usually are with this weather.  The new matting at the end of the playground enabled the children to use more space and spread about which was great, and we even noticed a distinct difference in the amount of injuries coming to the staff room!

Class 4 used the very end of the playground and held a very big, almost 8×8 sided match on the volleyball court, there were girls playing some sort of ‘tig’ on the stepping stone spots on the matting and since we were able to access the Gazebo easily there were quiet games in there, boys watching the volleyball and a few children simply escaping the drizzle!

FROGS have paid for this to happen – thanks very much to those who organise it, those who help out with it and to those who spend money and support it – you can see the impact it’s having!  🙂