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Netball / Football at Kingsacre

Well done everyone who took part at Kingsacre today. The netballers did well - lost one, won one, drew two - and narrowly missed going through to the play offs. The footballers all came back with a medal - third place for the older team, second place for the younger team. Big thanks to everyone for their support and special [...]

Science with a Comic Relief Theme

We talked about how some people in the world don't have access to clean water and how Comic Relief money can help. We decided to see if we could use what we have learned about filtering and separating mixtures to get clean(er) water. We found out that although cotton wool pads were the most effective material we used to filter, [...]

Comic Relief 2017

Class 4 spent time thinking (and writing) about Comic Relief. One diary entry was written from viewpoint of a girl who had been helped by Comic Relief. It started by saying "Dear Diary, I'm writing to you because I'm fed up, fed up of being like a ball, passed round and round without feeling better or getting help" and ended, [...]

Class 2 enjoys a guitar recital!

What a treat, 3 members of Class 2 and one from Class 3 gave us an impromptu guitar recital this afternoon to show off how much they have been learning.We recognised the two famous tunes, but two of the children had composed their own. Well done everyone, we were very impressed! ​

Anzac Biscuits

We had great fun yesterday making Anzac Biscuits.  Hopefully you got to taste them - they were delicious!The children should be able to give you precise instructions on how to make them! 

8 Things I Learnt About Our Planet at The Eden Project…. by Toby Wallis


Beaford Arts: “I am candy, you are dark fortune.”

I popped in to the village hall to say hi and thank you after hearing it was a cracker of a show and was greated by Nigel stacking the lighting equipment, Myrdd hiding sweets and Louise starting to sweep up what seemed to be hot chocolate and Maltesers from the floor!Nigel had been to our school before and was helped [...]

Parents’ Forum on Funding…

There was a great turnout at last night's Open Parent Forum.  The Governors and I wanted to provide our community with information about UK schools' budgets and how the proposed changes and current system affects our school. We're holding a very informal one on Thursday morning, where I envisage parents simply coming in to the school hall to sign the [...]

20-minute free-write… ✍✍✍

"Once, there was a city who came across a beach."Sometimes, it's nice to just give children some free time to write what they want.  ✍With the openness of the word 'beach,' no grammar or success criteria requirement and an allowance of 20 minutes, this is what Isabel came up with.I really liked this and could picture the two of them [...]

Class 4 Visit to the Eden Project….

In pictures....learning.... The biome at night... YHA...   High up...   Written report to be puplished by class 4 pupils later in the week! A massive thanks to Miss Trute, Mrs Benfield, Sam Hood and Paddy Fox and also to our coach driver Ian who got us there and back on a [...]