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Could you be our next parent governor?

Could you be our next parent governor? We currently have vacancies on our school governing body for TWO PARENTS and will be recruiting this month.  We’d like to invite you to consider getting involved. Parents are a vital part of our school community and this is reflected in the fact that 4 out of our 11 governors are parents.  Being [...]

Spears, caves… and a dead wooly mammoth?!

Class 4's English taking a creative turn this morning. See if you can spot... -Cave painting -A mammoth hunt (and subsequent dead mammoth) -Axe making -Shelter building -A rabid dog -A warming fire... -And the person it set alight. (In case you were wondering, our new sequence is based on the text 'How to Live Like a Stone Age Hunter' [...]

What’s on w/e 25.09.20

Click here... Whatson 473.pdf

NHS letter regarding Covid-19…

Please click through to the NHS letter regarding Covid-19 and Test and Tracking... Link

Class 1’s Cucumbers…!

Keri and Martina had a delivery of homegrown cucumbers in the kitchen today. So they were cleaned and prepped and put in the salad bar... I had them on my lunch too (very nice). Thanks to Class One who picked them and brought them over!

Class 4 Wimbledon 2020 – and the winner is…

What’s on w/e 18.09.20

Whatson 472#.pdf

Further Covid Guidance…

In addition to this week's blog about, "What to do if your child is ill," and the helpful flowchart to help you make some decisions, we've amended it to include the NHS definition of what a continuous cough is (below). We also thought it would be useful to provide further links to GOV.UK web pages. The main message for school [...]

Fire Drill… success!

For those parents who just saw Mr Thomas scarper through the playground, clearly surprised that the fire alarm was going off, I'm happy to report that it was a false alarm. During this Covid-controlled term we were set to do our termly fire drill in silence and with no alarm, with each class going through the procedures in their own [...]

“Are they unwell?” Help sheet…

We thought a flowchart may make things a bit easier to work out whether an 'ill child' should come to school or not.  Most of these initial decisions will lie with our parents of course, as only they know if their child would be well enough for school, but these are uncharted times (I avoided the word 'unprecedented'!), the 'R-rate' [...]