Monthly Archives: April 2017


How’s Emily’s poem?

We are learning about... Using tone and expression whilst reading poetry and also to reflect on poems read in class with relevant comments about form, poetic devices and the effect on the reader. Emily's is lovely... but what did the rest of the class think?     

Farmer Pete visits Class 1 to sort out their 10 sheep!

Class 1 are getting very confident with their number bonds to 10 with the help of Farmer Pete! We performed our wonderful number bonds song to Stepping Stones with the help of Henry's Daddy Martin, who morphed into our very own Farmer Pete who kept losing his sheep! Thank you Martin for your bravery!!

Peter Heaton-Jones MP at school…

Peter Heaton-Jones MP came to Georgeham this afternoon to see our lovely school and hear our views on the issues facing schools right now. The older members of our School Council lead a tour of the school.  Isla, Malakai, Sunday and Daniel highlighted various things as they walked round the school: The wonderful resources we have, but are struggling to [...]

SATs – the low-down…

SATs 'Standardised Assessments Tests' are used for multiple reasons; what they are NOT however, is something that you may recall from when you did your exams at the end of secondary school! Here's the low-down on SATs - hopefully all you need to know, but do come and ask us questions! SATs are tests that cover aspects of the curriculum [...]