Monthly Archives: May 2021

Wave of Hope homework…

Something we heard about just as we were breaking up, is the 'Wave of Hope.' Children throughout the country, and certainly in Devon and Cornwall, are making a statement and creating a message for world leaders as the come together for the G7 summit in June. I know it's sunny, but if need an activity when you're hiding in the [...]

Newsletter … week-ending 28th May 2021 … issue 501

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Oscar Craddock Class 2… Diane Alamary Class 3… Hassan Alamary Class 4… Esme Marrison ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too! Your feedback is important to us.  It helps us think about ways we can improve your children’s experience of school.  We've compiled a survey to ask for your views, and with only [...]

Baby Caterpillars!

We had a very exciting delivery this morning...5 baby caterpillars! We are so excited to watch them grow over the next few weeks. We've learnt lots about the life cycle of a butterfly and almost know 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' off by heart. We're going to keep a caterpillar diary over the next few weeks to see the different changes [...]

Year 6’s London trip… on video!

This video really does capture everything fun about our year 6's residential to London. The children were Kind, Curious, Confident, a Community, Adventurous and certainly Ambitious too. It was also a delight to have taken them and help them through the week!

Newsletter … week-ending… 21th May 2021 … issue 500

Class Stars :-) Our Early Years… Molly Wright Class 2… William Hill-Dymond Class 3… Isaac Gilroy Class 4… Theo Trueman ...and a link to our Celebration Assembly too!  For those following the blog, receiving the emails or spotting us on Facebook, you’d be aware that Class 3 spent a couple of days at the local outdoor centre, St. George’s [...]

Year 6 London: One more blog (do do do do do do!)

We’re all back safely, exhausted but happy, with lots of special memories made before we all go off on our next adventure to “big school”. To our parents: your children have been absolutely amazing and should be really, really proud of themselves. They attempted challenging tasks with a smile and determination, even when they were a bit scared. They encouraged [...]

Year 6 ETA 3pm (hour early)

Just leaving Membury Services and since it's raining and we can't play on the green, we're going to be early. ETA 3pm

Things that go bump in the night … and snore all the way home (hopefully?!)

After a chilled movie evening watching School of Rock, we all settled down for the night (finally, a warm cup of tea!). Until the clock struck twelve and the thundering of elephants on creaky floorboards alerted us to an emergency of the bump kind. Giant floor bed created to cheer up our wounded soldier (how Thea slept through that I’ll [...]

London Day 3…

YESTERDAY EVENING"I was the first one asleep!""I was asleep WAY before Miss Sobey checked on us!" BREAKFAST"We had pain au chocolat and croissants!""Oh, it was yummy.""What do you mean, what did you think about breakfast? ...It was divine.  The chocolate melted in my mouth and the pastry went crunch, crunch, crunch." SCIENCE MUSEUMArthur was labelled our Crash Test Dummy yesterday [...]

London Day 2…

Day 2 in London. Certainly a first - we actually had to wake the children up this time.  Breakfast was served by Miss Trute in our lodge and we were ready for the outdoor centre in plenty of time.  We left the lodge in drizzle but arrived (it's nextdoor!) to blazing sun!  Climbing first and some holds surprised us with [...]