Monthly Archives: March 2014


Volleyball lessons at school…

Denise Austin has been supporting our school for a long time now with her daughter Ellie attending our school until only a couple of years ago.  Denise has been coaching for over 20 years and has some high ranking players under her belt - Olympians too - all learning from her using the Croyde courts that she's had installed. Classes [...]

Our last Science Club for this year- a bit of a mixture!

We knew that coca cola could clean a dirty 2p coin but we wanted to investigate why this happened and to find out which other liquids could be used to clean things. We used some universal indicator paper and found that coke was high in acid which meant it could clear off the grime. We also tested milk, toothpaste, water, [...]

Our Maths Evening….

Place value... Number bonds... Doubles and halves... Addition... Subtraction... Multiplication... Division... and Fractions... all played a part in tonight's Maths Evening. Miss Hill and Mrs Rinvolucri ran through the strategies that our children are shown in school and we had Amber, Eva and Grace showing the tables of parents how these, what look like complicated, strategies actually look like for [...]

Class 3’s science experiment…

Hope you can help… Class 3 liked testing different materials wrapped around Blue Groove’s take-away cups last week.  We measured the temperature of the water at different times and found that the cup with fur round it was better than felt, foam or tin foil. We’ve planned an experiment to see if Mr Thomas’ drinking flask was any good. Have [...]

Sport Relief

Everyone came to school in very sporty gear today ready to raise money for Sport Relief! We had footballers, a jockey, an alpine skier, some cheerleaders and a member of the All Blacks! All in aid of a very good cause!

A Journey into Space!

Today was a very exciting day at school. Simon set up his fantastic Space Odyssey Dome in Georgeham Chapel and the whole school went on their very own Space mission during the day. We found out what it would like to be an astronaut and we decided that eating, drinking and even going to the toilet would be very tricky [...]

Balloon hovercrafts….new and improved!

Today in science club we made balloon hovercrafts. Kieron and Luke saw on the blog that we had made these in the class 1/2 science club and asked if we could do it too, but they wanted to find ways to make them go even faster! We talked about what we could try to do to make them go faster.We [...]

Braunton and Beaford Arts…

A lovely report from Braunton Academy about the art work and links with Beaford Arts lately. Braunton-Beaford Arts Academy (A link above to a power point from the Academy)

Lambing at Pickwell Barton

Thanks very much to the Cooks for giving us some time today – the children LOVED seeing the farm and having the experience of seeing lambs being born.  Even a year 6 boy said it was one of the best days of school here! […]


Over the last few weeks we have been learning all about how to keep safe on the internet and in 'cyber-space'! We have had lots of adventures with Hector and Lee & Kim. This morning Class 2 acted out their own version of the E-Safety story and the three versions are attached for you to see how great we are [...]