Place value… Number bonds… Doubles and halves… Addition… Subtraction… Multiplication… Division… and Fractions… all played a part in tonight’s Maths Evening.

Miss Hill and Mrs Rinvolucri ran through the strategies that our children are shown in school and we had Amber, Eva and Grace showing the tables of parents how these, what look like complicated, strategies actually look like for real.

And that’s quite the point really – as a parent it’s quite easy to look back to our own school days and say that we did certain procedures but didn’t have a clue why.  We had this statement a few times tonight – even Miss Hill said it!  So tonight was a great opportunity for parents to delve in and see what was really happening with the numbers when we carried out strategies at school.  We hope it was a revelation to some of our Mums and Dads!

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(And there were chocolate biscuits too.)