Today in science club we made balloon hovercrafts. Kieron and Luke saw on the blog that we had made these in the class 1/2 science club and asked if we could do it too, but they wanted to find ways to make them go even faster!

We talked about what we could try to do to make them go faster.We tested water, concrete, tin foil, talcum powder and even tape!

Making the hovercrafts

Making the hovercrafts

The talcum powder really helped the hovercrafts move a bit quicker but we discovered that too much talcum powder causes a ridge and can slow the hovercrafts down.

So this time we tried a bit less powder and they went much faster! We also created a track in the powder that seemed to help too…. but we do need to work on direction!

The tin foil was as good as we expected,!

The tin foil wasn’t as good as we expected!


The hovercrafts didn't move very fast on the playground...too much friction!

The hovercrafts didn’t move very fast on the playground…too much friction!

Another good session today! Next week we are going to see if we can make a parachute that will allow a raw egg  fall to the ground without cracking…we’ll see what happens!