We knew that coca cola could clean a dirty 2p coin but we wanted to investigate why this happened and to find out which other liquids could be used to clean things. We used some universal indicator paper and found that coke was high in acid which meant it could clear off the grime. We also tested milk, toothpaste, water, vinegar and lemon juice. If the liquid was acidic the strip of paper turned red and if it was alkali (the opposite) it turned blue. We found that lemon juice and vinegar were very acidic and would be useful for cleaning coins but toothpaste and milk would not be good to use.

Isabel and her Dad made something that showed us how sound travels using vibrations. Everyone was very surprised to feel the air moving when a sound was created! Thanks to Isabel and her Dad!

A couple of weeks ago there was a request to create a parachute that would glide to the ground so gracefully that a ‘passenger’ egg wouldn’t crack. I decided that the motivation for a smooth journey would be much greater if they had to protect a chocolate egg so that it would still be edible after the flight.

Lots of fun and great to end our Science Club with an Easter twist!

Thanks to everyone for being so enthusiastic every week, it has been brilliant 🙂