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Strictly Come Spellings…

We looked at a few multi-sensory ways to remember our spelling this week. After a great assembly on Halloween, All Saint's Day, Diwali, Bonfire Night (celebrating someone's attempt to blow up parliament?) and Daniel also mentioned Mexico's Day of The Dead (we Googled and found it was moved from early summertime to align better with other traditions!), so we thought [...]

An Amazing SU2C Coffee Afternoon…

Thank you Miss Trute for your lovely idea of a coffee and cake afternoon in support for SU2C. But thanks also to our FROGS and parents who generously donated many cakes for the afternoon. We're only a small school but we made a whopping £474 ! Brilliant... So proud!   IMG_0383.JPG

Pickwell Farm Trip

Classes 1 and 2 had a brilliant morning with Farmer Andrew from Pickwell. We are very grateful to him for giving up his time to tell us all about the crops growing in the fields around us and the machines he uses to help him. The children enjoyed sitting in the tractor and collecting eggs from the chicken coup. Thank you [...]

Pride of School Day…

I had a brilliant day at school today. :-) You may notice that this is being posted about a SATURDAY, in school...  I know!  I'm normally doing something with my own kids; playing in the park, scootering, cycling or exploring the rocks on Baggy, but we all went to school early this morning and whilst they had fun in the [...]

Solving a mystery using science!

Class 4 have been investigating light and trying to solve the crime of a missing laptop....don't worry....we haven't been burgled...class 4 have been using role play as a way of learning about science 😀. We read a 'crime report' that said a witness had seen a beam of light and that the suspect was wearing clothes that appeared the change [...]

Drama Workshop

Class 3 have worked so hard on their plays today for our project with actors Louise and Nigel through Beaford arts. The children learnt about, scripts, props and stage management, with plenty of acting tips! The children all designed their own plays and made their own props which they then performed to the rest of the school. 

Class 2 venture into Smoothie Making

A fabulous morning was had by all in Class 2 today.  Using their pre-prepared smoothie menu, everyone contributed to 'making and drinking' their smoothie. With ingredients such as banana, plum, lemon, pomegranate, pear, apple and strawberry every smoothie tasted completely different. The children were so sensible using the grown-up knives to prepare their fruit and were very careful with their [...]

A Journey to the Centre of the Brain

Today classes 3 and 4 found out about how the brain works and helps us to learn new things. The rest of this Blog is written in the words of class 4 sharing their thoughts about our morning. We found out about the human brain by watching a boy who was worried about tests travel inside his own brain-Jazz We [...]

Class 1’s exciting week :-)

Well we have had a busy week in Class 1! On Thursday, we made our own delicious smoothies and the children were very grown up with trying different flavours, even though some of them thought they may not like the taste! Most of the children were pleasantly surprised by the yummy flavours that we could taste and enjoyed trying new [...]

Class 4’s Ancient Greek Day

Class 4 were looking very Greek yesterday when we all dressed up for a a history workshop day on Ancient Greece. It was a great opportunity to find out more about our topic from Phillipa, an expert, and to handle some replica artefacts. We made a range of objects from a pendent decorated with Athena's owl to Greek [...]