I had a brilliant day at school today. 🙂

You may notice that this is being posted about a SATURDAY, in school…  I know!  I’m normally doing something with my own kids; playing in the park, scootering, cycling or exploring the rocks on Baggy, but we all went to school early this morning and whilst they had fun in the music room and with class 3’s wet-playtime games, I wrote up the list of jobs that children, staff, parents and I had mentioned needed doing round the school.

Our day's TO-DO list!

Our day’s TO-DO list!

The ‘Pride of School Day’ came about after seeing how much of a difference parents and the local community made to one of the local schools I’ve visited recently.    They’d made their playground into something special and I’ve got to admit, I was quite jealous!  But only a very small word with our lovely FROGS and they jumped on the opportunity, listing lots of things they could do to help!

A little nudge on the newsletter… A Facebook ‘Event’ posted… word-of-mouth on the playground… and loads of families turned up today armed with tools small and BIG, a work-hard attitude and some cake too.  And wow, did they get stuff done!

Thank you very much to everyone who has helped out today!

  • The Nature Area has been cleared and levelled.  It’s looking fantastic and the children will be able to use it as an outdoor classroom!
  • The front gates work… (and are safe)
  • Most of the woodwork in the front has been stained (mammoth job) Just don’t make comment about the playground (and steps) on Monday morning, now that it’s rained!
  • Damaged picnic benches have been taken apart and used for fire-wood storage
  • Our ‘Buddy Bench’ had lots of elbow grease spent sanding it down – Jen and Nicky are planning on coming back to paint it too 🙂
  • Unsafe lumps of concrete have been removed, ready for Rob Tucker to remove in his trailor on Monday!
  • Almost ALL of the perimeter hedge has been trimmed back – tonnes of stuff for Rob again!
  • The herb border was seriously cut back – could do with planting with some nice stuff now.
  • The staffroom has been bleached!  (3 people for 3 hours – honest it wasn’t that dirty, was it?!)
  • Jackie cleaned our windows too, I spotted!
  • Class 3 has their new display boards actually on the wall
  • We have our shiny new signs up
  • The School House ‘courtyard’ was cleared too – and a working door to the ‘spider cupboard’!

I may have missed something…?
I won’t list names either – there were so many I’d be sure to forget one of you!

Thank you!