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We had so much fun at our first Construction Club yesterday! We discussed the themes that the children wanted to focus on over the year and they had AMAZING ideas!! Here are just a few of the great ideas for themes that they suggested:   People who help us - fire station, police station, doctors surgery, hospital, school   Things [...]

Christmas Wreaths

What a lovely morning we have had making wreaths for the church. The children got to cover their wreaths with pine, teasels, holly and ivy. Thanks so much to Rob and Josh from the National Trust for organising such a fun Christmas activity :-)  

An ‘moo’-arvelous morning at the dairy farm!

We learnt lots at North Hole farm this morning! We can now talk about how milk is made and how intelligent cows (and technology) are - they no longer need us humans to get involved with the milking process! We got to see this 'robot' in action. We were amazed at how the cows patiently queued up to be milked and [...]

Class 1’s exciting week :-)

Well we have had a busy week in Class 1! On Thursday, we made our own delicious smoothies and the children were very grown up with trying different flavours, even though some of them thought they may not like the taste! Most of the children were pleasantly surprised by the yummy flavours that we could taste and enjoyed trying new [...]

Reception’s First Day in Class 1! :-)

We loved meeting our new Reception children and welcoming them to Georgeham School. We have had a great morning and both the Reception and Year 1 children were very well behaved! What a great start to the year! :-) In the morning we looked around the school, met Mr Thomas, had a dance in Wake and Shake, played in our [...]

Class 1’s Tower Challenge!

Class 1 were given a challenge earlier. In teams, the children had to make the tallest and strongest tower, using only marshmallows and spaghetti. This was not an easy challenge! There were prizes for the team who could make the best (free-standing) tower and the team that showed the best teamwork skills! Everyone did a great job and learnt a [...]

Class 1 Fruit Tasting Afternoon

In Class 1 we have been looking at the story 'Handa's Surprise' and have been learning about different fruits. Yesterday we had a very exciting fruit tasting afternoon. The children were AMAZING and tried everything! :-) They were very grown up and even had a go at trying things that they weren't sure they liked. They often surprised themselves by [...]

A Din’awesome Day at the Park

Today was the big dinosaur day and the children certainly came in excited! I think I can speak on behalf of everybody (children and grown ups) that today has just been so much fun! We saw a fantastic sea lion show, lots of scary dinosaurs, many different animals at the animal show (some of which we could stroke, if we [...]

It’s been a fun packed week in Class 1!

What a busy week it's been! Class 1 have been practising their letters, sounds and numbers in a variety of ways. We've been enjoying our new number game where we race each other to find the correct number being called out. We're getting very quick at lining up our numbers too! We have also been using Numicon to find lots [...]

Three Weeks In….

Well we made it! We all survived a whole week of full days in Class 1! Well done everybody. We've had a very fun week, learning lots of sounds, practising our number work and making sure we are safe when walking on the roads. We have been practising our movements outside where we have experimented with different ways of travelling [...]