We had so much fun at our first Construction Club yesterday! We discussed the themes that the children wanted to focus on over the year and they had AMAZING ideas!! Here are just a few of the great ideas for themes that they suggested:
People who help us – fire station, police station, doctors surgery, hospital, school
Things that interest us – Star Wars, Minecraft, Doctor Who!
Animals – pets and zoos
Tallest tower competition
Our current topic – Australia – Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, kangaroos and other Australian animals,
Transport – lorries, trucks, cars, buses, boats, trains etc
London – Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Great Fire of London
Under the sea
Entertainment – cinemas, theatres, shops
We had a session of exploring and finding out what we could make and as the children made things they came up with even more ideas for themes!
If anyone has any construction at home that they would be happy to lend us for a one off session please let me know. We would be very careful to keep all the pieces together and not lose any.
Thanks 🙂