We learnt lots at North Hole farm this morning! We can now talk about how milk is made and how intelligent cows (and technology) are – they no longer need us humans to get involved with the milking process! We got to see this ‘robot’ in action. We were amazed at how the cows patiently queued up to be milked and how the amazing machine knows everything about each cow and whether it is ready to be milked. However, we did have to watch out for some of the cheeky cows that had learned that they could queue up just to get a little bit of food!!

We also got to meet lots of lovely calves, some as young as a few weeks old! One little one was even younger than this…. just 2 days old! They were very sweet. We learnt what the difference is between the black and white cows and the cows that are just black and the children were very good at asking interesting questions.
We got to say hello to some alpacas and some very friendly horses too. One was a tiny Shetland who was only a few months old.
Well done to all of the children for being such good listeners and thank you so much to Simon and Linda for having us on your farm. Thanks also to our parent helpers 🙂 Also, we did warm up once we got back to school and the feeling in our toes reappeared! We were very lucky with the sunshine though 🙂