What a busy week it’s been! Class 1 have been practising their letters, sounds and numbers in a variety of ways.

We’ve been enjoying our new number game where we race each other to find the correct number being called out. We’re getting very quick at lining up our numbers too! We have also been using Numicon to find lots of different ways to make 10 and some of us even wrote down an addition calculation for these ways.

Yesterday you might have noticed your child returning home a bit mucky after exploring in our very own dinosaur swamp! We experimented with mixing colours and the children wanted to add lots of mud to our swamp. The poor dinosaurs got quite muddy!

Today everybody got to join in on our class treat of the week by playing with the parachute! We practised our letters and sounds by finding lots of letter bean bags hidden under the parachute and swapping places with the children with the same sounds in their name. We then played a game of popcorn where all our popcorn ended up exploding out of the oven!

Well done everyone in Class 1 for having such a brilliant week. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next week we are all looking forward to our Dinosaur trip!