Chloé heard about the Syrian family coming to our school and wondered about doing something to help the family out.

She heard they travel 3200 miles to get here, so she thought about running or cycling 32 miles – quite an achievement!  So… adding to the 24 miles she cycled on the School’s bike ride day, Chloé also went out with mum and ran quite a bit; another 8 miles in fact.

Reaching her goal, Chloé managed to raise a whopping £1000 on her Just Giving Page… but why not help her out a little more and donate?

Here’s What Chloé said…

My name is Chloé Hagley and I am really excited because we are hoping to welcome a Syrian family to our community through the Community Sponsorship Program. We need to raise £9000 to help support them and I really want to help.

Refugees from Syria travel around 3200.miles to get to the UK so I want to raise money for a Syrian family by covering 32 miles by cycling and running.

I will start on 18th July when I am going on a school bike ride and you can chose different distances to cycle. I am aiming to do 24 miles if possible (if it is really hot I might only do 16 but I really want to do 24) then I am going to run the remaining miles with my Mum (3 miles at a time). I have been practising my running and ran over 3.17 miles with Mummy last week.

I am really looking forward to welcoming a family to our community, please sponsor me to help make that happen.