G’day! The ‘ankle biters’ in Classes 1 & 2 have been so lucky to have so many brilliant visitors coming in to talk to us about Australia.

Isla from Class 4, tried to out-do her dad by continuing the Luhr tour of ‘Down Under’! She did an absolutely amazing job with her prepared Powerpoint and table of Australian toys, information and books. The children had lots of questions and we were even lucky enough to have a story read to us at the end of her talk. Thank you Isla, you were just amazing.

Then on Friday, Paddy’s dad Simon came in to talk to us. What a lot we learnt about Melbourne, where they used to live. We saw pictures of Simon and the cricket ground, flying a plane and horse riding! He was so knowledgeable about everything ‘Aussie’ and we could have listened to him all day!
We passed around Australian dollars, an Australian passport and even Simon’s driving licence. Paddy also showed us his special certificate to show that he is also Australian as well as British.
Simon even told us some gory tales about the convicts, which for some reason, the children loved.
Thank you very much’ cobbers’ for giving up your time to share with us!