This week we have been working hard on our phonics and maths. We have tried out a new game called ‘Splat’ which we love! We work in teams and Miss Smale reads a word from the board, the first person to splat it with the swatter wins a point for their team! This is helping us speed up our letter recognition in a fun way.

A highlight from maths this week was our addition bus! We set all of the chairs out to be like a bus and we chose a bus driver. When we reached a bus stop, we counted out how many children were getting on and off and wrote it as number sentences. This has helped us practice our counting, addition and subtraction skills! Year 1s have been working hard using different ways to help solve addition and subtraction problems. We have spent a lot of time with counting on in our head and using our fingers. It’s been hard work but today it definitely seemed easier!

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