We have had an amazing day at the Wildlife and Dinosaur Park! All of the children were so well behaved, even the staff at the park thanked us for bringing such a lovely group!

We started off the day with a Meerkat encounter! We were able to go inside the enclosure and get up close with the meerkats. We watched them being fed meal-worms and learnt about how meerkats get all of their moisture from the food they eat – they can go a long time without having a drink of water- because usually they are found in the desert!

Next, we went to a dinosaur workshop! We learnt about how fossils are found. We couldn’t believe that one of the ones we were holding was actually fossilised poo!

After that we had a fun trip on the train, we saw lots of animals and went through tunnels, before getting splashed with water!

After lunch, we went down to Dinosaur Valley to see what we could find hiding in the bushes. We also saw some wolves, monkeys and lions too!